• A woman's life is sent into a tailspin when her live-in boyfriend tells her that he's in love with another. The woman is forced to re-evaluate their relationship, her theories on sex and love and her religious upbringing in The Big Love. Universal Pictures bought the rights to Sarah Dunn’s novel, which will be adapted by Wedding Planner scribes Pam Falk and Mike Ellis. Stephen Sommers, who you may know from The Mummy series and Van Helsing, will be producing the romantic drama. Sommers is kinda an odd choice if you ask me.
  • MTV Films & Paramount Pictures bought the rights to the Holly Black penned novel - Valiant. The story follows a 17-year-old runaway who befriends a group of teens living in the New York subways and discovers that some of Gotham's inhabitants are a magical species trying to exist in the modern world. Black will adapt the tale into a screenplay. 
  • DreamWorks bought Howard Franklin's Property of the State for mid-$600,000 against low-$700,000 based on a pitch.The script follows a corrupt white-collar criminal who is further corrupted by the justice system. Franklin wrote Antitrust in 2001.
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