"The fountains of my great deep are broken up, and I have rained reminiscences for four and twenty hours. The old life has swept before me like a panorama. The old days have trooped by in their old glory. The old faces have looked out of the mists of the past. Old footsteps have sounded in my listening ear. Old hands have clasped mine. Old voices have greeted me. And the songs I loved ages ago have come wailing down the centuries."

By the mark, twain. The point where smooth river water begins to get deep and dangerous. Ken Burn's three-hour-plus documentary, Mark Twain, is the biography of a turning point - when the humorist, journalist, Confederate soldier and riverboat pilot Sam Clemens decides to mine the experiences of his boyhood days in Hannibal, Missouri. The result of that exploration would be a taproot strike at America’s identity, our Homeric epic The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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