I used to really love Hal Hartley. I loved The Unbelieveable Truth and Trust, the fucked-up-suburban-teenagers-in-love films he made with Adrienne Shelly. I love it that he cast Polly Jean Harvey as Mary Magdalene, and Martin Donovan as Jesus, in The Book of Life (which, incidentally, is one of the best-looking miniDV features I've seen). But I haven't really kept up with him lately - No Such Thing was indescribably silly (in fact, I cringe just thinking about how silly I would feel just describing it), which makes The Girl From Monday seem a lot less interesting to me.

Still, I'm sorry I missed his talk at the Soho Apple Store on Friday night - especially the part where he discussed why he can no longer live in America. ""It's not a political statement," he said. "I just can't make films anymore in America. It's too expensive. It's too expensive in New York. If you want to make films that are based on your interests or the people around you, you can't necessarily be tied to being a commercial success. And that's all that happens here." So sad, but so true. Hartley is apparently living in Berlin right now, working with Parker Posey on a sort-of sequel to Henry Fool.
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