Sorry, boys - your car-stunt wishes and hotpants dreams may have been for naught. The Superficial is reporting that an injunction has been issued which may prevent Warner Brothers from releasing the Dukes of Hazzard movie as scheduled on August 5. Apparently, Jessica Simpson's big-screen debut bears a somewhat uncanny resemblance to Moonrunners, a 1975 feature that's been credited as the inspiration for the Dukes of Hazzard TV series. The injunction states that "during the pendencey of this action", Warner Brothers and its ancillaries are prevented from "preparing, producing, editing, distributing, advertising, exploiting, copying, publishing or licensing" any film "based on or derived from" Moonrunners.

But are Warner Brothers even taking this seriously? As The Superficial points out, they've made no effort to take down the film's official website, which would certainly qualify as an advertisement, if not an exploitation. Speaking of exploitation, the injuction (a screengrab is available here; the full thing is up here, but you'll need a PACER ID) states that if Warner Brothers can prove that the action is baseless, the plaitiffs will be responsible for $5 million in damages. That doesn't approach WB's calculation of their own losses is and when the film is delayed, but as the briefing somewhat snarkily notes, WB's speculative numbers on the film's potential profitibility are "in turn based on difficult to quanitify perceptions such as the 'fact' that 'Jessica Simpson is extremely "hot right now"'". No, I'm serious. It actually says that.

[Thanks, Kesey!]