This week's Monday Morning Poll sort of builds on last week's question, but the influence of my own angst can't be entirely discounted. This weekend I was in Los Angeles, and whilst driving through Universal City I was confronted with billboard after billboard shilling films about which I don't *think* I could care any less (see reference at right). It suddenly hit me that it's only the end of June, and I'm already SO ready for the summer movie season to end. Even most of the indie films that I've been nudging everyone to see all spring (Mysterious Skin, Funny Ha Ha) have already been released. So this begs the question - is there ANYTHING coming out this summer that you're still clamoring to see? Because, if it's alright with you, I vote we fast-forward to Oscar season and pretend like this summer never happened. As always, hit us with your best shot in the comments.