I was thinking, with all the experimental film projects going on right now, why hasn't there been a film created by the Internet? I'm not talking about something like the fragmented film project, but something more collaborative.

Here's the idea: Set up a website where visitors participate to create a script. The more posts and effort a contributor puts in, the higher up their name is in the credits. Everything from the idea to scripting, from re-writes to pre-production and planning is done with the help of anybody who wants to get involved. Polls determine how the film will be shot, with storyboarded ideas being chosen by readers. A worldwide casting call will be held with people submitting videos which would be voted on American Idol style. The whole production would be filmed Project Greenlight style, with videos posted daily or weekly on the site. Visitors would have the ability to view selected dailies, voting to effect the editing decisions. Cast and crew members would have blogs and daily or weekly chat sessions would be held with stars and crew. A scoring contest would be held, and the winning songs would be featured in the movie. The rest of the soundtrack would be determined via polls. And the finished film would be submitted to film festivals.

What do you guys think?
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