• Bewitched: Roger says: "[Kidman and Ferrell] are on different tracks at the beginning of the film but never meet up at the end...a situation they didn't know what to do with...a marginal thumbs down." Richard: "...overthought...not very funny...[Ferrell] isn't likable."
  • Yes: Roger says: "one of the best movies of the year." Richard, um, disagrees just a bit: "unbearably pretentious and condescending."
  • Land of the Dead: Roger gives it a thumbs up, but Richard says that even though "George Romero is the Orson Welles of the zombie movie," after a while it "just becomes another zombie movie...a marginal thumbs down."
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded: Roger says "I think I've just seen my last Herbie movie," and Richard agrees, saying it's "dopey...Lohan takes a giant step back."
  • Rize: Roger gives it a thumbs up because it showed him a world he didn't know existed; Richard says "it's an interesting phenomenon but an incomplete film."
  • And for March of the Penguins, they disagree again. Roger says it's "amazing," while Richard says that he can't recommend viewers spending $9.00 to see something "that will play perfectly well on television." 
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