Quick, head on over to Channel 101 - they've been hit with a cease and desist order from Bill Cosby - yes, that Bill Cosby - and will be forced to remove all episodes of House of Cosbys by 5pm today. In case you didn't know, Channel 101 is a site where people submit short pilots for made-up TV shows. The pilots are then voted on by readers and promoted up the site. House of Cosbys, created by Justin Roiland, was a show about a well-meaning hipster who toils in a lab for ten years and eventually produces a flock of Bill Cosby clones with semi-magical powers (let's just say Frequency Cosby is a little more impressive than April Fools Cosby). A breakout hit, Cosbys was the first 101 show to spend three months at the top of their charts.

But Cosby and legal company, apparently angered over episode five in which one their own was "absolutely NOT portrayed sucking dick", have issued orders that Channel 101 clear all HoC materials from the site by 5pm today. I don't know if that's EST or PST, but you have at bare minimum a little over an hour to watch the remaining episodes. Go on, flood their servers. It's totally worth it. [via BoingBoing]

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