I have a lego Yoda and Darth Maul in my living room. When people come over they always ask me how long it took to build them. When I tell them "something like 10 hours," a look of shock always spreads across their faces. They'll just never understand what it's like unless you try it yourself - until now.

The Lego Star Destroyer is probably one of the biggest Lego sets ever released by the company. A couple at adognamedfish.com decided to tape the 10 hour journey it took to build the ship, and put it online in time lapse for your enjoyment. They started at midnight using a web cam to take a picture every five seconds. This resulted in over 7000 pictures in a little over four minutes.

File this under one of those weird videos you can only find on the Internet. Is it movie news? No. Does it feature celebrities? Not so much. But it does feature Star Wars and is a short film, thus it's relevant and here for your enjoyment.
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