How could he do it? How could the director himself make a prequel to The Untouchables? It's only one of the greatest movies in recent history. Is he that hard-up for work?

Ranting aside, director Brian DePalma is reportedly working on a movie that will focus on Al Capone's rise to power in Chicago. A parallel story will follow the earlier life of Johnny Malone, the one honest cop in a corrupt city played in the original by Sean Connery. I just don't see this turning out well. The original was such a masterpiece that it really doesn't require additional telling. How are they going to top the quotability factor alone? Plus, it's almost 20 years later and there's a different sensiblity running through the movies. I'd be afraid some young studio executives will insist on introducing a hip-hop element to it to make it appealing (in their minds) to a young crowd. The possibilites for this to suck are endless. 

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