In an interview with The Sunday Times, Jessica Alba says that Robert Rodriguez didn't want her for the role of Nancy in Sin City. "His reaction, even then, was, ‘But she’s this tough, dark, Latin chick. She can’t play this innocent, pure girl who doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.’" It was, she says, the first time she had to auditio for a role in five years. Rodriguez finally gave in and gave her the part - but not without putting her to the test, by forcing her to choreograph her own moves for the stirp club/lasso scene. “He just said to me, ‘Did you ever see Salma Hayek do a snake dance in my film From Dusk Till Dawn?’ I told him I did, and that it was the sexiest scene I’ve ever seen," Alba says. "He said, ‘Salma did not need a choreographer for that — and neither do you.’" Alba tackled the challenge the same way any gal would - she stripped down to her panties, and danced in front of her bedroom mirror until she got it right.
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