I was going to write a proper review of the King Kong trailer ... but it had me so enraged that I just had to share it with my friend and fellow Cinematical writer Ryan Stewart. Here's our instant message conversation:

kmlongworth: http://www.moviecitynews.com/arrays/media/2005/king_kong.html
rts_ryan: Wow. I'm shocked by how terrible that is.
kmlongworth: yeah
kmlongworth: it's almost in bad taste
rts_ryan: almost? Jack Black is a terrible dramatic actor. It looks like The Mummy. Just a bunch of bad CGI crap...I didnt see one interesting thing in that trailer.
kmlongworth: the CGI is distractingly bad
rts_ryan: I think that's the first time I've ever been genuinely interested in a movie and, after seeing the trailer, am reconsidering my decision to even go see it.
kmlongworth: and it's clear that he's at least making an attempt to pay homage to the original, which makes it worse
kmlongworth: he's directly, almost deliberately tarnishing a good film's reputation
rts_ryan: Jack Black is trying to do some fast-talking 30s speak that never existed.
kmlongworth: he's not even approaching the character of the original denham
rts_ryan: Kong looked ridiculous. It looked like something from a lame video game. Nothing original about it at all.
kmlongworth: i'm watching it again ... just to torture myself