• Diary of a Mad Black Woman: Last spring's "surprise" indie hit stars writer/director Tyler Perry in multiple/drag-heavy roles, and Kimberly Elise as the titular woman scorned. You said you wanted movies that respected your family values? Well, here you go. We get what we ask for after all.
  • The Pacifier: Last spring's surprise (no quotes) non-indie hit stars Vin Diesel in Kindergarten Cop mode. Co-star Lauren Graham deserves better; Diesel probably does not.
  • Gunner Palace: Surprisingly non-partisan indie doc investigating the lives of young soldiers living in a bombed-out palace in Iraq. The DVD includes three audio tracks of the soldiers freestyle rapping about their lives.
  • The Keys to the House: Italian father-son drama, directed by Gianni Amelio
  • Monsieur N.: Antoine de Caunes' fictionalized take on the island exile of Napoleon stars Philippe Torreton as the French emperer.
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