Oh my god. Remember how a little while ago we told you aboutShoot-Em-Up, New Line's Clive Owen project supposedly featuring, amongst other things, a shoot-out in the middle of a sex scene? So, the Latino Review has clips from the hand-drawn animatics that director Michael Davis submitted to the studio to get the job. The whole thing has elements of the amazing, but Clive Owen fetishists like me will be especially interested in the fact that the rumors are apparently true - there he is, weilding a gun from underneath a buxom babe (and that's not a double-entendre, but of course it sort of is). You can watch all of the animatics here, and also be sure to check out this piece from Jeffrey Wells, describing how Davis went from little-known director of straight-to-video crap to hot-property action auteur. [via the FILMMAKER blog]
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