Stop it. Stop complaining about the summer movie season. Just stop it. If you live in New York, the following list is proof that there's plenty worth seeing and doing, cinema-wise, in just the next week alone. If you live elsewhere, well, consider this fodder for your Netflix queue:

Wednesday, June 29

Stop Making Sense - Long before he caught the remakevirus, Jonathan Demme filmed this Talking Heads concert film. Not just for Talking Heads fans only - but then again, is there anyone who isn't a Talking Heads fan, if even just a little bit? Projected outside on the arch at the North end of Washington Square Park.

Thursday, June 30

James Toback at the Museum of the Moving Image - Astoria's MoMI will present the double feature some of us have been waiting for all spring. Toback's manic 1978 masterpiece. Fingers, starring Harvey Keitel, screens at 7pm, to be followed by a Q & A with Toback and then a screening of Jacques Audiard's awesome The Beat That My Heart Skipped, which opens in semi-wide release the next day.

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