Inspired by Karina and Ryan doing the IM review thing I talked to one of my peoples in the industry who has good taste in films (I know, hard to believe right?) and he gave me this quick IM review:

jasoncalacanis: what did you think of War of the Worlds
industry insider: i say it's a classic
Jasoncalacanis: i heard it was great....
Jasoncalacanis: give me a five line off the record review for Cinematical...
industry insider: when i say it's classic Spielberg, think jaws not ET
industry insider: aliens get on screen less than 10 minutes in
industry insider: and from there it's nonstop setpieces
industry insider: the end is a bit too cute and tight
industry insider: and cruise can't pull off the dysfunctional dockworker dad character
industry insider: but it doesn't matter
JasonCalacanis: 1 to 10?
industry insider: 8

There you have it folks.