A few days ago I shared a long brewing idea which I called the first film created by the Internet. We got a lot of great response so I thought I'd share another. You know those 24 and 48 hour film festivals? Well, let's suppose you haven't, so that I may explain. The general rules are simple. Filmmakers sign up in teams and attend a midnight launch where each team is assigned a topic and genre. The teams then have 24 or 48 hours to write, cast, direct, edit, and score a short film before they return to screen their films. A winner is picked and prizes are awarded. Until now the whole thing seemed a little too gimmicky or game showish for me. But that brought me to one conclusion - Make it a reality show. So if anyone from IFC or Sundance is reading, here's my pitch:

The 48 Hour Film Festival Challenge television show would be an hour length reality show. Two teams would be given the equipment, topics and genres and be sent off on a 48 hour journey to write, cast, direct, edit and score their films. We would follow it all Project Greenlight style. The Film Festival would take place at the end of each episode and celebrity judges would award the winner with prizes. It wouldn't be too expensive to create, nor would it be time consuming. Would it create a masterpiece? Probably not. But it might just create some good reality television.
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