• X2 & X3 screenwriter Zak Penn is developing a third X-Men spinoff movie that he may direct. IGN says that Penn's project centers around a group of mutant youngsters at Charles Xavier's school for gifted children. Expect some of those young protagonists to probably include characters already established in the X-Men movies.
  • X-Men 3 casting: Angel and his nefarious father remain uncast, as does the minor part of Gambit. Daniel Cudmore may be back as Colossus. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre star Mike Vogel was up for the Angel role, but now has a conflicting schedule.
  • A teaser for X-Men 3 is expected to hit theaters with Fantastic Four next week. But don't expect any footage as shooting won't begin till August.
  • In yesterday's issue of Variety, they announced an official start date for Spider-man 3 -- January 2, 2006. The third film is scheduled for a May 4, 2007 release date.
  • 12 Gauge Comics has been signed by Illuminati Entertainment.
  • With this Apple widget, the Master Jedi talks to you, in his very own way. The Yoda Widget simply lets you enter a sentence into a text box, you hit enter and Yoda talks to you, just the way he does. For example: you type “I am Yoda,” and Yoda will say “Yoda, I am.”
  • IGN has posted the full Fantastic Four "You're Hot" clip in both QuickTime and Windows Media format.

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