• Details have been released on Warner Brothers' settlement with Robert B. Clark, producer of Dukes of Hazzard source material Moonrunners. The studio will pay Clark $17.5 million in damages - that's more than the entire talent budget of the new film - to avoid having to delay the picture's release.
  • A study released Wednesday found that religious conservative Americans are actually more likely to go see R rated movies than people who are less strict about their faith. Not only that, but, as Gabriel Snyder writes, "the religious and nonreligious people in the study were nearly indistinguishable in their attitudes about their own individual moviegoing experience."
  • Ice Cube will star inTeacher of the Year, a comedy just picked up by New Line about two junior high school teachers battling one another for the titular honor.
  • New Line will release Tony Scott's Domino on August 19, as planned and unchanged - despite the recent death of its subject, model-turned-bounty-hunter Domino Harvey.
  • ThinkFilm will release Born into Brothels - last year's Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature - on DVD September 20. The disc will include commentary tracks from vboth the filmmakers and their subjects, as well as deleted scenes and footage from the Academy Awards ceremony.
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