The Reeler went to last night's James Toback event at the Museum of the Moving Image (lucky bastard - I would have been there if I wasn't in Philadelphia, getting my Live 8 on), and has blogged a few juicy anecdotes. The best one surrounds the actor that apparently could have played the Harvey Keitel role in Toback's Fingers - Ricky Nelson? "He comes to New York and he comes to my hotel room," Toback says. "He walks in and closes the door. He looks in my eyes for about two minutes, and he says, 'I am Jimmy Angelelli.' And if I hadn't met Harvey already, that would have been enough. I would have said, 'Let's do it.'" For the record, Toback is totally on board with The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Jacques Audiard's Fingers remake - except in terms of its ending, which, The Reeler says, "resonates like a stunt."
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