• Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has launched a new anti-online piracy campaign. Operation Site Down has already embarked on 90 searches since early Wednesday, including 20 based outside of the US. How is that even legal?
  • War of the Worlds has given both Tom Cruise and Paramount their best openings ever, both in the States and abroad. But will it build or crash throughout the weekend?
  • Pixar admitted yesterday to having overshot predictions on DVD sales for The Incredibles, and subsequently lowered its projected quarterly earnings from $18 to $12 million. By making the announcement, they're apparently trying to avoid the trap that Dreamworks found itself in recently, when stockholders fled after Shrek 2's "surprise" DVD slump.
  • After a strong first half of the 2005, Lions Gate has pledged $182 million to an 18-film slate for 2006 - their most expensive ever. But this is interesting: their stock slipped 7% yesterday in response to the announcement.
  • The Martin Lawrence comedy Reboundmight lure audiences seeking a respite from the Alien party, but, according to Joe Leydon, its "modest pleasures ... have almost nothing to do with by-the-numbers plot."
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