A few weeks back we published an update on Chuck Palahniuk's various projects being developed for the big screen. The Fight Club author sat down with the SuicideGirls website and revealed more.

The writer/director team that made Constantine just bought Survivor in February and they’ve announced it’s going to be one of their next projects. "It’s actually going to happen, maybe," said Palahniuk, who hadn't even seen the movie, nevermind met the people involved. "Their agents talked to my agents and they did the deal and I signed the papers and they signed the papers. Now it’s in their hands."

As for Diary, Chuck says "they’re so happy with the screenplay that they’re now negotiating for Lullaby," the only book of his that is not optioned. What Lies Beneath scribe Clark Gregg finished the screenplay for Choke, "so now they’re casting it; they want to be shooting no later than December this year."
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