Pamela Anderson has revealed that she is only interested in dating famous men.

"I did try and date someone like a business guy once," Anderson told Breakingnews. "I was trying to connect with other kinds of people because I said I wasn't going to date a musician or an actor. But do you know what? You just have to enjoy each other in a personal way and having something in common really helps."

Anderson thinks that a partner who isn't a celebrity wouldn't understand her. Anderson married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee three days after they first met, and the couple had two children. They got divorced in early 1998. She recently dated Kid Rock until they broke up in the fall of 2003. She reunited with ex-husband Tommy Lee after she found out she was diagnosed with hepatitis C, but again later split, "this time for good." She's currently dating Blade and Cold Creek Manor star Stephen Dorff.
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