I know quite a few of our readers are fans of the Dan Brown novel series. I mean, something like 76% of the literate world has now read The Da Vinci Code (Fact and figure made up by me for dramatic effect). Well, the movie's being filmed as I type this and set reports started to hit the Internet last week:

Wednesday, June 29th was the first day of shooting at the Place Vendome, a pretty large, very elegant square surrounded by exclusive 19th century 6-story limestone "palaces." On  June 30th they filemed Robert Langdon's (played by Tom Hanks) escape with Sophie Neveu (played by Audrey Tautou) in the tiny silver Smart car, exiting the "Guichets du Louvre" lit by three huge crane-mounted flood HMIs at high speed, nearly avoiding (fake) traffic and speeding into the Rue de Rivoli. We also got a look at Tom Hanks new look for the film. On July 1st guards blocked the Rue de Rivoli entrance, and shot a smart car entering in the Louvre. Sophie Neveu was having an animated conversation with Robert Langdon. To read the full reports, click the dates above.
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