• War of the WorldsWar of the Worlds: a split vote. Roger gives it a thumbs down ("totally in a different category than ET, Close Encounters, and Minority Report...Spielberg has made 3 of the best science fiction films...this is not one of them"). But Richard liked it more, saying it's "the biggest, most explosive adapatation of the H.G. Wells classic." (This segment was also significant because Richard actually challenged Roger on his reviewing process. Listen to the audio here later this week when this review goes live.)
  • My Summer Of Love: Richard gives it a thumbs up, and so does Roger, who says: "there's no real message here, just those performances." 
  • Rebound: you knew they'd agree on this one. Both give it a big thumbs down. Roger: "we've already seen this film three times this year...not only can you not believe the premise, you know everything that's going to happen." Richard: "a dumb cookie cutter sports movie that knows nothing about sports and even less about comedy...this one stinks."
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