• Creative Media head Chris Lee will be taking a break from the Australian set of Superman Returns to make a special appearance at this month's Comic-Con in San Diego. Lee, the film's executive producer, will join director Bryan Singer and others in presenting the first official glimpse of the film.
  • Marvel CEO Avi Arad confirmed that the original cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie have been signed to return for a sequel. Arad said he would like to see Marvel's "Puppet Master" as the next villain to challenge the team.
  • The official site for the big screen adaptation of El Muerto is now online.
  • Former NRL star Ian Roberts, who plays Lex Luthor's henchman named Riley, has completed his first week of filming on Superman Returns.
  • They have begun auditioning voice talent for the new Spawn animated project.
  • According to Boomerang Schedule both Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series will return this Monday.
  • Bandai has begun to ship refresher cases of the newest assortments of the 3.5 inch Teen Titans figures.
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