We've done so much on the Box Office Slump that I thought it might be neat if we compiled all our coverage into one short and sweet post:

You're not going to the movies anymore, and the Box office is down. The MPAA is freaking out blaming piracy. The New York Times says it could be attributed to home theaters, DVDs and TIVO, while the LA Times says it could be due to the Internet. The Industry put their faith in Batman, which ultimately didn't make enough but did break IMAX records. But it's all okay because it's Katie Holmes fault. and the European Box Office is also in the crapper. An AP poll shows people are watching the movies at home. So audiences have changed will the Studios follow? Hollywood desperately decides to dig for cash in the DVD market.

It's time to sell, sell, sell! Cineplex Galaxy buys Famous Players, and AMC buys Loews. The special offers begin: AMC offers you your money back if you don't like Cinderella Man. Cinemark matches the offer. George Lucas is giving you a free ticket to Star Warswhen you buy three. War of the Worlds makes some bank, but not enough to turn everything around. Disney and Pixar report a DVD slump so apparently people aren't watching the movies at home either... We asked you what it'd take to get your butts back in those seats. Maybe it's a lack of good movies?