Vince Vaughn will be reteaming with his Swingers and Made best friend Jon Favreau in The Break Up: "It’s a romantic comedy and Favreau is going to play my best friend in that. It starts filming a week from Monday with Jennifer Aniston. Vincent D’Onofrio plays my older brother, Cole Hauser plays my younger brother, John Michael Higgins is in the movie, Justin Long from Dodgeball is in the movie," Vaughn told Moviehole.

Vaughn compares the movie to The Odd Couple. Bring it On's Peyton Reed will direct the script which follows a young couple who buy a condo together, the break up and are stuck living together to pay the mortgage. "So they’re kind of stuck living under this roof together figuring out their lives but they really have just broken up with each other. So, it’s not like… boy, like, they break up right away, it’s not like, you know, down the road. I think it’s really fun."

Vaughn calls it an anti-romantic comedy: "It’s different… it is kind of an anti-romantic comedy because all the scripts that I would get for romantic comedies always have some really stupid concept."
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