• Marvel CEO Avi Arad talksX-Men 3: He reveals that the online script that was reviewed was something "verbally passed on. It wasn't even a script"..."I tell you what really pisses me off about this stuff - is the ignorance to the comics, because if you know the comics at all, OK, lot of our leaders of the X-Men died and came back in one form or another." Arad hints that Patrick Stewart's character, Professor Xavier, may die in the movie: "He died in the comic. One of the most famous panels in the comic was his funeral. They all die and come back. We don't kill anyone just for the hell of it - only if it works for the story".
  • Yesterday in Los Angeles, 20th Century Fox had a plane sky-write the infamous Fantastic 4 logo in the sky. SHH has a picture.
  • SHH also has a look at the crew for Spider-Man 3.
  • The Geelong Advertiser in Australia has confirmed that the 12 Apostles rock formation will be featured in Superman Returns.
  • Batman Beginsdropped to #2 at the box office this weekend, adding $18.7 million for the four day holiday weekend. The film has made $154.1 million domestically and $114 million internationally for a worldwide total of $268.1 million.
  • The FOX Movie Channel is planning to feature three different programs about the Fantastic Four production this month. The titles of the programs are: Casting Session, Making A Scene, and World Premiere.
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