The Reeler has a talk today with one of my favorite people, underground filmmaker Jem Cohen. I first learned about Cohen via his long-time association with one of my favorite bands, Fugazi (with whom he collaborated on the 1999 film, Instrument). Cohen has been shooting in and around New York, on video and a variety of small-gauge film stocks, for 20 years, but post-9/11, he's faced a pile of trouble even walking around the city with a camera. Earlier this year, he was actually detained by authorities for shooting out the window of an Amtrak train; they confiscated his film, and he had to enlist the ACLU to get it back. So the guy is rightfully frustrated:

"The cops who stop me, they say, 'Don't you realize that post-9/11, you can't shoot infrastructure?'" he says. "I'm like, 'Infrastructure?' Everything's infrastructure."
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