Thank god for banner ads. I was skimming through GreenCine Daily, clicked on a blurry black-and-white scream, and ended up on Jon Moritsugu's GreenCine artist page, where I found three of the underground teensploitation master's masterpieces available for viewing online. It's part of the site's Video-on-Demand program - films cost about $5, and you need a Windows Media 9 Player and a high-speed connection to watch. This is great, because I've been looking for a copy of Fame Whore for ages, ever since I watched these clips on Moritsugu's site. If you're looking for initiation, start with Mod F*ck Explosion, the story of a boy, a girl, a Vespa gang, a psychotic biker, an art gallery full of rotten flesh, and one magical night in San Francisco. You'll be glad you did.
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