Speculation is running wild on who will be cast as The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel.The debate has cooked up online to the point where websites are now being created to rally support behind actors. SeanTheJoker.com was created by a Sean Penn fan who hopes to see Penn behind the white makeup. The site even includes a video with David and his friends discussing why Penn should be cast as the dark clown. Various pictures of Penn in Joker-like poses are included to help his argument.

A G4TechTV fan has created AlexAlbrechtForJoker.com, which rallies behind former Screensavers co-host (of two and a half months) Alex Albrecht. You can also put your name on a petition, which already has over 150 signatures. Albrecht is currently looking for acting jobs, and co-hosts the new Digg.com podcast with Kevin Rose, entitled Diggnation.
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