Have you ever watched the Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Flyod's Dark Side of the Moon? Me neither, but everyone tells me it's a special experience. Coming from a video editing background, I've come to understand that things you didn't necessarily plan, tend to just somehow work out when you add music to video. But some people think it's magic, and no matter what I say those people will believe what they will.

Today someone pointed me to the newest craze, a torrent copy of Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas synced up to Tool's Lateralus.. The uploader calls it "trippy" and says it's worth the download. I however cannot recommend that you download illegal copies of movies (Ha, take that MGM! I didn't recommend they download the illegal torrent linked in the news story! You can't get us with your Grokster-like tactics.) Instead, purchase the album on iTunes and blast the music while your year-old DVD copy of Tim Burton's animated masterpiece plays on the television.

And after that, please tell us how freaky it is, as we're a little low on the iTunes funds at the moment. That, and we don't care enough to waste an hour and a half of our lives. But we know you do ... right?
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