Supermodel-cum-bounty-hunter Domino Harvey died last week, about a month before Tony Scott's film based on her life hits the streets. But don't start playing your tiny little violins for the poor girl who overdosed just in time to miss her own dramatization. As The Guardian reports, everything that made the fiercely independent Harvey interesting enough to make her life movie fodder, ultimately led to a fundamental dissatisfaction over her life's Hollywoodization.

Harvey sold her life rights to New Line two years ago, but then bristled when the studio first denied her script approval, and then glossed over certain aspects of her life - specifically, her bisexuality. "Domino sees it as an insult that the producers are selling it as her life story, when they are completely overlooking what she regards as a pretty basic part of her life," a friend of Harvey's was quoted as saying earlier this year. New Line's response? "[O]ur film is not intended as a biographical piece, hers was the dynamic personality and indomitable spirit that spawned an exciting adventure, not just on screen, but in real life." Which is, of course, the exact kind of evasive pap Harvey probably would have hated.
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