As we do every Wednesday, we'd now like to share with you a few golden crumbs from the giant muffin that is the Weblogs, Inc network. WIN employs over 100 bloggers, who publish over 1000 unfiltered posts on over 75 blogs, every day. Here are a few highlights:

best4_downloadThe Download Squad’sVictor Agreda, Jr. tells you why PSP + VNC = fun. Marc Peyton asks what you want to see on Download Squad; there’s still time to respond to this poll. Jordan Running suggests MediaPortal as a free alternative to Tivo, MCE or MythTV for Windows users.

best4_engadget.jpgEngadget’s Peter Rojas anticipates the upcoming debut of the Disney Mobile cellphone service. Barb Dybwad digs some Japanese-flavored iPod accessories. Marc Peyton finds a gadget for watching flicks in your rear view mirror while you drive (!), and gives credit to Siemens for its limited edition wooden cellphone.