How could Robert Altman possibly still be adding to the cast of Prairie Home Companion? The adaptation of Garrison Keilor's stories started shooting last week in St. Paul, Minnesota, but it was just announced today that Tommy Lee Jones has been ushered into the cast. He'll join a panoply of stars, including (deep breath here) Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep, Maya Rudolph, John C. Reily, Keilor, Virginia Madsen, and Lindsay Lohan, who is the subject of most of the gossip going on in the daily PHC report at local megablog, MNspeak. Rex and friends have come up with a game for readers to play, should a Lohan sighting occur: "Let's all agree to this: if you ever happen to encounter her around town, please yell "Hey! Hillary Duff!" Tell you friends too." The MNSpeakers promise to have their own PHC t-shirts available soon, but in the meantime, they suggest you pick up one of these. "If you run into Linday while wearing one of those and screaming "Hillary Duff," she'll so be your BFF."
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