The Box Office is in the midst of one of the worst down turn in recorded history. Many people have blamed it on the high ticket prices, quality of movies, piracy and the uprise of the DVD format. But Pixar and Dreamworks are reporting disappointing DVD sales numbers. But could people be staying home due to the current shows on television?

As a screenwriter, I can attest that the level of writing in TV dramas in the last couple years have vastly surpassed most everything at the box office. It's my theory that while reality television has sucked in the popcorn movie crowd, well-written dramatic series such as 24, Alias, Lost, and The 4400 have captivated the smart audience. Some people crave stories that just can't be told in under 120 minutes. Even Tarantino has said that he'd like to write some television dramas, because they would allow him to tell a longer more layered storys.

So is Television to blame? What do you guys think?