This is just perfect. When I first watched The Office my first thought was that Ricky Gervais had done such a great job of taking the mockumentary style perfected by Christopher Guest and making it even more martini-dry. So the news that Gervais is contemplating joining the cast of Guest's upcoming flick For Your Consideration is very exciting. While I have no doubts Gervais will acquit himself more than adequately, I do remember him saying once that The Office was not as ad-libbed as movies like Best in Show or Waiting For Guffman. This is is reportedly Guest's last film in this style, which, on the one hand is disappointing, but hey - the guy's obviously a gifted actor and comedian so I think we can be assured his next movie will be just as entertaining. Let's not forget he's shown himself to be capable of dramatic turns as well, in both A Few Good Men and Princess Bride.
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