• Clint Eastwood has cast Ryan Phillippe, Jesse Bradford and Adam Beach in Flags of Our Fathers, his next directorial project, to be co-produced by Steven Spielberg. They'll begin shooting in August.
  • Julian Schnabel plans to direct The Lonely Doll, about children's author Dore Wright's unusual relationship with her mother. The 80's art star-turned-filmmaker will co-produce with Christine Vachon for her Killer FIlms.
  • Mike DeLuca will produce a still-untitled thriller from a pitch by Scott Rosenberg. The film will track a thief pressed by Pentagon official into pulling a heist aboard the Orient Express. The project is set up at Sony.
  • Disney is teaming with Sprint to launch the first nationwide wireless phone service targeted directly to families. They'll call it ... wait for it ... Disney Mobile.
  • "Although history is full of examples of highly intelligent directors who have made frightening mass-audience films, it's still tempting to suggest [Walter] Salles' sensibility may simply be too refined for such elemental fare." Todd McCarthy takes a shot at explaining why Dark Water doesn't quite come off.
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