All the kings menFriends star Matt LeBlanc's stunt double has been awarded $81,000 for the life-threatening injuries he sustained while filming a stunt for the war movie All The King's Men. Andy Smart fell more than 13 feet from an abseil rope and was rushed to hospital with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Smart sued Streamline Film-Produktion for negligence, and won after the film company's claim that Smart did not check the rope was rejected by a court.

*Note: The 1949 movie poster pictured to the upper right has nothing to do with this news story other than the fact that it shares the same name. No picture of Andy Smart was available. And since he's LeBlanc's stunt double, we were just going to use a picture of the Friends star, but knew you would catch on. So instead we have an unrelated picture and a paragraph disclaimer. Damn you guys for being so smart!!
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