You have to love Nikki Finke. Actually, you don't - I certainly don't - but you can at least giggle over her latest "Deadline: Hollywood" column in the LA Weekly, in which she outlines the 12 steps she would take, if she was a mogul, to turn the box office slump around. "Unless the continuing slump in worldwide box office is reversed, and quickly, the Industry will continue as the lowly loss-leader of Big Media," Finke writes. Desperate times surely call for incredibly polemical measures - especially when, as Finke puts it, "a movie as bad as Bewitched is released without anyone saying, “This is just a piece of crap, and we shouldn’t serve sh*t like this to the public.”

I like the idea of playing pretend to solve problems, but too bad The Finkester's bright ideas are mostly grounded in simpleton populism ("Make more and mostly comedies ... I don’t know about your life, but mine can always use a laugh that isn’t just based on a fart joke") that's totally antithetical to the concept's rebellious spirit. She also somehow finds a way to blame Charlie Kaufman and Paul Thomas Anderson - neither of whom have released a film in the past year - which is so wrong that it actually hurts me. Let's beat Nikki Finke at her own game - tell us in the comments what *you* would do, as a studio head, to Save Hollywood.