Not to be unduly flip about explosives, but can we just blow up this next-James-Bond "controversy" already? Yesterday, at a press conference to promote Fantastic Four, some-time Bond rumor target Julian McMahon hinted that Ioan Gruffudd, his co-star in the superhero film, had the role locked up. Gruffudd's response? "I don't want to jinx it." Is this a legitimate lead, or are the actors deliberately leading reporters astray? Who cares? At this point I want to take MacMahon, Gruffudd, Eric Bana, Clive Owen, Daniel Craig, Hugh Jackman, and everyone else that's been named for the role for the past year, and lock them up in a steel cage and watch them fight to the death for it. Last man standing wins. That's gotta be a better show than Tomorrow Never Dies.
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