Universal Studios has announced they will begin reissuing some titles from their classic film library as two-disc special edition DVDs. The reissues will be released under their new "Legacy Series" banner. The first titles to hit shelves on September 6, 2005 will be The Deer Hunter, To Kill A Mockingbird and, at long last, a widescreen version of The Sting. The move brings the studio in line with others such as 20th Century Fox who has their "Studio Classics" line of classic features sold at a reasonable price.

It's great to see Universal finally embracing its cinematic legacy in such an open way. Before their efforts seemed more like grudging acceptance that, yes, they made movies other than American Pie. While I love the movies, I was disappointed in their Marx Brothers boxset. On the other hand they have released cheaply priced collections of Abbott & Costello films and have done great work on their horror titles such as Dracula and Frankenstein. Somebody at the studio needs to develop a strategy for their back-catalog and stop the schizophrenic approach here. If they need help, call Warner Bros. They love and have fully embraced their film heritage.

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