I know...Sony's Screen Gems has announced plans for a third I Know What You Did Last Summer featuring an all-new cast. Damon Santostefano, who directed Bring it On Again, Three to Tango, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show somehow won the directors chair. Who was the genius who connected the dots on that one? I can just see a Hollywood exec kicking back in his office when it came to him: "I need the guy who directed the direct-to-DVD Bring it On sequel to help resurrect the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise!"

And it gets even better. Octopus 2: River of Fearscribe Michael Weiss wrote the script which follows four teens from a small Colorado town who will be victimized by a phantom menace one year after a July Fourth prank gone awry kills one of their buddies. The group suspect the cousin of the dead friend, only to discover they are very much on the wrong track. Weiss is also hard at work writing The Butterfly Effect sequel.Last Summer is expected to hit theaters in the fall of 2006.

I know I've said this a lot lately, but it seems like Hollywood is throwing us a lot of unnecessary sequels -- do we really need another I Know What You Did Last Summer movie?
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