Kevin SmithMore trouble over at the Kevin Smith camp. A couple days back we reported that the difference of opinion that may halt development on Fletch Won; now it seems like Smith has also hit a speed bump in pre-production on the Clerks sequel. "We’re also at an impasse with the female lead of Clerks 2," Smith wrote in his online journal. "We’ve compiled a list of candidates for Harvey, but he wants us to aim higher." I'm sure this will be overcome. Smith also apparently had a phone call from Dimension head Bob Weinstein, who wants him to go into production on Ranger Danger after he finishes the Clerks sequel.

Also in Smith news: Canadian television ran an interview with Smith on the set of Catch and Release in which Kevin revealed that he indeed will direct a Degrassi feature film sometime after the summer. So fret not Smith fan boys, there's a lot of projects on the table.
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