The ThingJessica Alba and Michael Chiklis, who co-star in Fantastic Four, are already defending the Internet rumors that last-minute re-shoots were necessary to salvage the film. Alba says that "every movie has additional shots and so-called 're-shoots.'" She went on to defend the people involved, admitting that they had a release date before they even began shooting. "And to make that date and to make the movie as good as we could possibly make it on a schedule was really, I think, the most difficult part." Doesn't sound very convincing if you ask me.

Chiklis jumped into the conversation trying to make the save, giving an example of the re-shoots: "Well, they didn't know that we needed a little connector shot for the green screen here so that we could make this transition smoother." He adamantly assured the press that they didn't have to re-do scenes or alter the plot lines. But, for some reason, I just don't believe him.
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