Michael Clarke Duncan, who stared The Green Mile, refuses to untint the windows on his Hummer H3 all-terrain vehicles, to the LAPD's dismay. The actor's fiancee has already received a ticket for riding around in the red Hummer Duncan bought for her. But Duncan says he has no plans to get rid of his tinted windows, which are illegal in the state of California. He got the windows because a guy once followed him home.

"Cops, if you see a red Hummer H3 with a pretty Latina in it, that's my girlfriend, and I only do it for security reasons, I promise you," Duncan tells ContactMusic. "I'm not taking the tint off."

This brings up two interesting questions: #1 Should celebrities and public figures have different laws to help protect their privacy? And #2, does Duncan realize that now everyone knows what kind of car he drives? I mean, how many red Hummer H3's with all tinted windows could there be in LA?
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