• Fantastic FourFox News has a look at  online comic fans'negative reactions to the advance screenings of Fantastic Four.
  • Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad expectsFantastic Four to top the box office this weekend and eventually take in $100 million at North American theaters.
  • Avi Arad also addressed the Internet rumors that David O. Russell will be directing Silver Surfer: "That's news to me."
  • Fantastic Four Director Tim Story told RopesofSilicon that the comic book fans were relentless: "They were killing me, I was at Comic-Con getting booed, but I knew the material as well as they did... I was a fan as well."
  • Julian McMahon, who plays Doctor Doom said he's taking a wait-and-see approach to if his character will return for the sequel: "I think on how well the movie does and I think it also depends on the response to Doctor Doom."
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