Kathleen KennedyYou may remember the report from Variety a couple months back saying that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg had approved Nathanson's draft of Indiana Jones 4. Producer Kathleen Kennedy admits that while that report was indeed true, it didn't mean exactly what we thought it did.

"It's one thing to approve something, it's another thing to say it's greenlit and we're shooting it. So we're just in that sort of phase of finessing." But don't get too nervous, Kennedy reassures us that if the script "comes in and we're all happy with it, it will be more than likely the next thing we do."

In an interview with Now Playing Magazine, she also revealed that the story takes place in the late 1940's. But when asked for details, she wouldn't reveal anything else. "What do you think, I'm nuts?!  You'll be here next year and ask me if I'm working on the Indy movie. 'No, I got fired!'"
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