• Fantastic Four: How did the production meetings on this one go? "Bob, we've got a release date, but no movie - whaddawe do?" "Let's throw a pile of TV stars in front of a green screen and see what happens." In short, there is no way this is not going to suck.
  • Dark Water: Brazillian director Walter Salles puts Jennifer Connelly through the Japanese horror-remake motions. Manohla Dargis is pretty pissed about it, because, at the end of the day, "this is a horror movie about being shut out of the Manhattan real estate market."
  • Murderball: The Sundance doc hit about the wheelchair-bound rugby team has been getting a big push from its charismatic stars; if all goes according to plan, it'll continue the hot indie doc streak of the summer.
  • Saraband: Ingmar Bergman swears it's his last film, but I swear he's been saying that for years. A soap-opera serious revisitation of Scenes From a Marriage, full of the usual weird Bergman vacilations between harshly articulated anguish and odd anti-jokes.
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